Growing up in Upstate New York, I spent many weekends visiting the concrete jungle that is Manhattan and was consistently awed and inspired by what I saw on the sidewalks, in the windows, and in the stores. I had been thinking of pursuing fashion for as long as I can remember however, prior to the rise in the internet blogging sensation, there was nowhere to truly express my passion for fashion (cliché I know however, its true). Growing up I was forced to wear a uniform everyday as I attended a private all-girls school, however, I always pushed the limits on what was appropriate accessorizing a la Blair Waldorf if you will. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014, I decided to finally take the plunge and created North of Manhattan as a way to finally express my love of all things fashion. At first it started as a personal endeavor, simply a means of expressing myself through clothes and accessories, creating new and different looks that reflected my personality. However, it quickly spiraled into an addiction.