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Midi Skirt

Urban Chic

Fast forward to today and I am showing you how you can take this skirt from chic to street by simply swapping out a few key pieces.

Birds On A Wire

Hey guys!! I am off to a late start today…oops (just one of those days!!)

I am rocking another one of my favorite midi skirts today, which also can be perfect for the holidays and holiday parties. This one is printed with stripes and birds and has such a delightful charm to it. I put on a striped top, pair of stylish shearing earmuffs, leather gloves, and lace-up leather pumps for a glam/chic look with warmth and style. You can shop this look and similar below:

Paired to Perfection

This fringed suede skirt is such a showstopper and can work wonders with just about anything. Today I am getting a little into pattern mixing with stripes and patchwork booties. Stripes work because the colors look great together and the skirt adds a solid, which breaks up the prints. To get the J.Crew look, it is all about the magic in the mix.  Hence, the darker suede booties and tortoise necklace, which add a chic statement that is hard to describe. Below, you can shop my look and similar:

London Calling


London fashion week has just come to a close, but I thought it would be the perfect time to share this fabulous skirt while London is still on everyone’s mind! The detailed red telephone booth and bus are a unique statement on this cool midi-skirt.  I paired it with my cropped mock neck knit from Milly and lace up leather pumps (which also come in red)

Yesterday I spent the day shooting a bunch of new looks to share, and when I got on the elevator to shoot some rooftop shots something happened that could not have been scripted. My hands were full and I dropped my phone….into the elevator shaft…you know that little slit the size of a penny….and down it went…2 entire floors.  We all stood there in shock like did that seriously just happen…then burst out laughing. I cannot tell you all of my experiences with cell phones. Anyway, long story short I ended up getting it back after a few phone calls were made and there was not even 1 single crack on the screen. Talk about luck!

I hope today’s look is totally your cup of tea!! Thanks for stopping by.

XOXO Lauren