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Drape Dress

Easy shapes and classic prints/patterns evoke both the chicness and nonchalance of summer dressing.

Print Remix

Spring is all about eye-catching patterns and effortlessly versatile pieces. With that being said…

Mad Madras


Dino Petrocelli Photography

Happy Hump Day!

We are getting to that point of summer where all pre-fall is hitting stores and the Internet and all summer clothing is going on sale. What I hate the most about this time of year is that one part of me wants to keep buying clothes for this season (especially because I am going away next week) but the other half of me does not. We are almost at boot and coat season… and we know how expensive these purchases can be.

The dress I have on today is an end of summer sale purchase. I think it one piece that will bring me into early fall with its deep colors and longer hemline. Tassel jewelry is kind of a thing right now, so it only makes sense I polished off todays look with a fun and lightweight necklace and light brown frames for a little drama.

Girl on the Go

Happy Thursday,

With the weather finally turning nice, it looks like summer is almost here. Yesterday I went on a seven mile hike to the top of Bucks Peak in Lake George. The view was breathtaking and I was able to get in some great exercise. Some of you were inquiring about my pants, they are not available through my site but you can go to the Adidas website to find them. They are part of the Dream Awaken collection by Pharrell Williams (really cool stuff) you are only allowed to purchase two pieces at once from the line. They were running a little large for me so I would watch my sizing, I ordered an extra small and I thought they were more like a size small so depending on your own body you might want to size down. Just food for thought if you don't want to worry about exchanging and then have them be no longer available.

Today's outfit is a black silk dress from rag and bone. This is one of those outfits where that big chunky jewelry I spoke about looks so good. I was going back and forth between the necklace I have on and one very similar from J.Crew(here) but in the end that little bit of gold stood out. The topper is a Eugenia Kim boater hat...(Love her hats).  There is versatility in this dress, it is one that you could wear to a fancy event by just adding a pair of heels and depending whether or not it was a daytime or evening event, would determine my accessories. Today, I am wearing it very casual with a simple pair of black sandals, but it is so easy to take it from cute and feel good to a real WOW!!! number. Thanks for stopping by today and check out the links below.

Red Accents

Sweatshirt:H&M|Jeans:Joe's Jeans|Boots:Toga Pulla|Scarf:Vintage Celine|Hat:Older

Dino Petrocelli Photography

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe to spice up your look…sometimes all you need are the right accessories. Even the most boring outfits can be transformed with the help of a few key pieces. Today I have on jeans and a plain black sweatshirt (boring right?!) but the outfit is given character by red accents and a mod inspired driving cap.

Around my neck is a Celine printed silk scarf I ordered off of the vintage boutique on Farfetch. There are some really awesome pieces on there for great prices.  The red design just happens to match my new Toga Pulla boots….which I immediately became obsessed with as soon as I saw. I think the western style silver buckles on the side are just the coolest and the scarf adds a perfect refined touch.  

If you are searching for a plain sweatshirt, I recommend this one from H&M. It is a great price and also comes in light pink and gray. Below, shop this look and my scarf picks (both vintage & new) I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. XOXO