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Cruise Control

Cadet and newsie hats have become the recent topper of choice for A-list celebs, influencers, and streetstyle lovers everywhere. What was once a symbol of military is now a top trend for spring 2017.

Girl on the Go

Happy Thursday,

With the weather finally turning nice, it looks like summer is almost here. Yesterday I went on a seven mile hike to the top of Bucks Peak in Lake George. The view was breathtaking and I was able to get in some great exercise. Some of you were inquiring about my pants, they are not available through my site but you can go to the Adidas website to find them. They are part of the Dream Awaken collection by Pharrell Williams (really cool stuff) you are only allowed to purchase two pieces at once from the line. They were running a little large for me so I would watch my sizing, I ordered an extra small and I thought they were more like a size small so depending on your own body you might want to size down. Just food for thought if you don't want to worry about exchanging and then have them be no longer available.

Today's outfit is a black silk dress from rag and bone. This is one of those outfits where that big chunky jewelry I spoke about looks so good. I was going back and forth between the necklace I have on and one very similar from J.Crew(here) but in the end that little bit of gold stood out. The topper is a Eugenia Kim boater hat...(Love her hats).  There is versatility in this dress, it is one that you could wear to a fancy event by just adding a pair of heels and depending whether or not it was a daytime or evening event, would determine my accessories. Today, I am wearing it very casual with a simple pair of black sandals, but it is so easy to take it from cute and feel good to a real WOW!!! number. Thanks for stopping by today and check out the links below.

Pink Fluff

Good morning and happy Monday!! I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. Today’s look is pink and fluffy. With the holidays around the corner and cold weather coming hats and jackets can make awesome gifts.

Today I have on a classic flight jacket in pink. It fits oversized and fully lined, which makes it great for the winter. I am always a fan of Eugenia Kim accessories. They are designed with feminine modernity, unexpected details, bold colors, and they never disappoint. The chunky knit I have on today is so adorable with pink pom poms on top!! It is linked and exclusive to Neiman Marcus and I also have listed a few other favorites. Shop my look below: