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Cruise Control

Cadet and newsie hats have become the recent topper of choice for A-list celebs, influencers, and streetstyle lovers everywhere. What was once a symbol of military is now a top trend for spring 2017.

A Shore Thing

Sunshine Towel:Lolli Swim|Suit:Maaji (top) (bottom)|Hat:Rag&Bone

Suit:Beth Richards (top) (bottom)|Sunnies:J.Crew

Baseball Cap:J.Crew (older)|Suit:Triangl


Dress:MinkPink (also love this MinkPink set)

Top:H&M (similar)|Shorts:Joe's Jeans|Bag:Fendi|Shoes:Stella McCartney

Top:Club Monaco|Overalls:Madewell

Waking up and being near the ocean is one of the best feelings. Everything is so peaceful and beautiful and even better when you don’t have a care in the world. It always makes me wonder… why in the world I live in New York when I could wake up to this every day.

I have gone on a family trip to Long Beach Island, New Jersey since I was an infant…and it will never grow old. Beach, lunch, beach, dinner…repeat (maybe add in a happy hour or two) …perfect day for me.  

It is such a laidback vacation…so not a lot of dressing up. Mostly bathing suits, shorts, and tee’s. This year I did pack my Stella’s and a few pair of wedges just incase. Also, if you have been following along you have seen that I recently invested in my own camera. Definitely NOWHERE as easy as I expected. Does anyone else have a problem with the focus or is it just me? It seems I am always locking the focus in on the opposite of what I need…of course. With my moms help, I was luckily able to take away some good shots, and show you guys my new swimwear along with a few of my casual looks. I hope you enjoy!



Elevated Essentials

Top:Rag&Bone(older, similar)|Culottes:Madewell|Belt:Maje(similar)|Bag:Fendi|Shoes:Stella McCartney

Dino Petrocelli Photograhpy

While I'm not feeling the greatest these last few days suffering with allergies that almost always turn into sinus problems, I'm forcing myself to keep on trucking. A little slower but non the less. I have been wanting a pair of these Stella McCartney shoes for a while now and usually by the time I'm ready to pull the trigger they are already sold out. This time I was all over them and I'm obsessed with them. They run about a half size big so beware if you should decide to get them. There are so many ways I want to wear them, I think they look good with just about everything. Today I paired them with these white jeans and a striped tee and then added a belt to pull the color from the shoes. I love to mix color and pattern to add that little spark to an outfit. 

While not looking forward to fall, I wanted to start giving you all a little insight to what I have been seeing. I will be updating you from time to time now about what is popular for the upcoming season. I am seeing a lot of velvet, jacquard and leather, patchwork, large floral prints and right up my alley, Sooo many ruffles. The shoes are gorgeous... and everything is so rich looking. I feel like we are headed back to a time of ladylike elegance. Some of my favorite things this year are the Gucci kangaroo jacquard loafers, wide belts and I am loving the hand held bags of yesteryear. They started showing up this summer and are on my list for fall. I have started my pre-fall additions so be sure to check them out.

Thanks for stopping by today, you can shop the links below.

Rain Check?

Overalls:Madewell|Tee:Rag&Bone(similar)|Coat:Topshop|Boots:Tory Burch(older,similar here)|Umbrella:Kate Spade (also love this one)

Dino Petrocelli Photography

Rainy days are here (unfortunately) but that should never prevent you from looking your best! One accessory to make sure you have this time of year is definitely a cute umbrella. There are so many adorable options and they aren’t your average accessory you need to splurge on. You can find them at so many different stores at a low price. I personally recommend to check out Kate Spade…they are under $40 and so fun!!

I have been searching everywhere for a pair of cute white short overalls…something I thought that would be super easy…but it wasn’t. I finally found a pair at Madewell that weren’t too distressed and not too long. I decided to pair them with a striped tee, a hooded coat, and rain boots (another necessity). You can always stay cute no matter what the weather decides to throw at you! Shop today’s look below: