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Princess Maxi

I wore this outfit to an event last week and unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures in it.  I am so in love with this dress so I HAD to make sure it went up on the blog. The cut is so feminine with the drop-waist ruffle and sheer fabric. It looks so beautiful when it flows in the wind. It feels like such a princess dress!! The crazy part is I wasn’t wild about it until I tried it on…and I immediately fell in love. Have you ever had the problem where you have an outfit and are running around like a madman last minute searching for shoes for it?? I feel like this would have been one of those outfits if I did not have these mesh Louboutin pumps. They could not have been more of a PERFECT match. For a bag I went with a faded rose-colored Chloé shoulder bag and tucked the straps in to use as a clutch. It looks so nice against the pale pink giving it a bolder color.