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Hipster Edge


Cardigan: Mason by Michelle Mason /Boots: Sergio Rossi/ Necklace: Chan Luu

 Thanks to everyone for being so patient while I was going through my grandfathers illness. I am very happy to say he has pulled through and is finally back home. Being back to work is great even though it is absolutely freezing outside. Today I am wearing my leather leggings with a simple white tee. I wanted to showcase my new Chan Luu necklace that I sooo love. The black tassel against the white makes it show up nicely. I wanted to wear this heavy duster by Mason but it was just a little to cold so, I put on a light weight black day coat underneath it and found it gave my outfit another dimension. And how about these Serigo Rossi over-the-knee boots?! I am OBSESSED. Mixed with my black beanie, the outfit gains a more hipster edge.