Hat: Genie by Eugenia Kim/ J.Crew Blouse, Coat, Sweater, Pants/Boots: Stuart Weitzman /Bag: Givenchy

During cold winter months it can be so hard sometimes to bundle up to stay warm, yet still look fashionable. Winter accessories can easily look overwhelming, so I think it is important to invest in the right kind, even though they may be pricey. For example,  today I am wearing a long down puffer coat that is designed to insulate heat and manages not to look like a human sleeping bag. I paired it with leggings, and a cashmere sweater that is a good investment for layering, looking stylish, and staying warm. You lose the most heat through your head so it is definitely important to find a cute hat. I love this tweed Eugenia Kim hat that is perfect for both city streets and rural roads.