Happy Monday everyone!! So excited the sun is shining!! Spring is only a couple of weeks away so I am going to start shedding layers and adding those spring touches.  I finally bought myself a pair of overalls from H&M and today I am wearing them with a neon green quarter sleeve sweater. The all-in-one look is easy and cool at the same time. I added my Sandro coat, which has a detachable pink parachute hood for when that wind starts to blow and a pair of minimalist black booties to finish off my look of the day. When it comes to photography and when I shoot, I usually go with early in the morning (around 9:30am) or late afternoon (around 3).  I have learned from my photographer that lighting is a huge factor in the way photos turn out. We always try to either block the light or let the light hit certain parts of the image, which really creates such a different look. It brightens the entire image up! It is crazy how much the photography makes a difference. When shooting this outfit the lighting and shadows were key to the images turning out good…especially because of the reflections in my glasses. In this case we needed to block sunlight.