Misa Los Angeles   Top  ,   Shorts   Striped version:  Top ,  Shorts      Dino Petrocelli Photography

Misa Los Angeles Top, Shorts 
Striped version: Top, Shorts

Dino Petrocelli Photography

Go Gingham this summer! The checkered print is as classic as stripes or polka dots. Many people  have the perception that the style is strictly preppy, but you can definitely find pieces that are edgy, trendy, and unique (especially this season!!)

The shorts and off-of-the shoulder matching top I have on today are more on the modern-day boho side, but many of my favorite gingham pieces right now include billowed sleeves, vibrant colors, and cut-outs. Gingham can really suit a majority of styles. Try it out for yourself! You can shop some of my favorites below:

xx NOM