Monrow gromet hoodie and sweats worn with metallic dr. martens and balenciaga socks
monrow hoodie and sweats with grommets
street acceptable sweats

Edgy dressing definitely isn’t something for everyone, but this ‘Heavy Metal’ trend aka grommets totally is. The micro-trend adds a tough touch and attitude to any piece, resulting in your look instantly becoming that much cooler. The metal eyelets are refreshing both clothing and accessories at all price points…and yes, even loungewear. 

The polished details make this hoodie and matching pants the perfect street-acceptable sweat set. Playing off the grunge vibes, I scrunched up the bottoms, added my iconic Doc Martens, and Balenciaga socks just peaking out. They are another unexpectedly cool styling trick this season.

Below, you can shop today's look and the trend that will take your outfit to the next edgy level.

xx NOM