Talk about a short week?! It feels like Monday still….

As some of you may already know I am out East for the entire month of July!!  The other morning I really wasn’t feeling well or myself at all so I decided to come home for a little and spend some time with my family. Sometimes you just need to take a breather and regroup…although I am really missing the beach right about now! I didn’t want to go MIA from Instagram/Insta stories and my blog BOTH so I will be working on a few new posts until I head back. 

This look is one that is very affordable (minus the boots!!) Both the top and glasses are from H&M (no they are not prescription, and yes, my dad made fun of me) Because of his recent accident he is unable to drive, so when I drive him I make it a point to say “hold on let me put my glasses on” and he just stares at me like I am crazy……hehe

These eyelet shorts are from Storets…again, super affordable and they come in both black and white. I decided to leave the laces out for an effortless/cool look paired with a cute pink flounce-sleeved top and my favorite Balenciaga moto-boots …which I am DYING for in the white!!! You can shop this look below:

xx NOM