This matching set could not be more ME!! The color, the ruffles, the mock turtleneck, the bow-tie closures on the back….oh-so ladylike, but also very relaxed and lightweight. I love when I find ready-to-wear styles that are versatile and forever wearable. These two pieces in particular are so simplistic yet so distinctive. They can make a statement worn as separates, and an even bigger statement when worn together. 

When styling this outfit, I went off of its vintage-inspired feel. I paired it with my grandmothers earrings, which add a very special and sentimental touch. Detailed in the same color, with pearls, and reflective-like discs…I had to wear them. I absolutely love when I go through her older belongings and I am able to incorporate them here and there. They add a memorable and personal touch that make an outfit much more significant. 

xx NOM