If you are looking for a new and easy incorporation into your wardrobe, look no further than a grid print trouser. Somewhere between plaid and checked…the pattern offers a ton of versatility. I know I am constantly saying specific items are worth a splurge and versatile so today I am going to show you exactly what I mean. 

In the above images I am sporting more of a sophisticated look...pairing the flare trousers with a color-blocked sweater and sleek black patent booties. It may be hard to tell, but these pants have the tiniest hint of electric blue in them. This is definitely a new color of choice of mine for the season. In the fall I always love burgundy, green, and yellow, but there is something about the shade of blue that is so cool and exciting. As I always do, I linked similar products and cool ideas for styling below that allow you to mix and match..however, today I also want to show you three other ways you can style these oh so versatile trousers...

For an off-duty look trying pairing the trousers with an oversized top, blazer, and sneakers. You will still look 100% chic and put together, but comfortable enough to run around during the day.

Down Town Grunge:

I am ALL about this look lately. To be honest, this is how I originally planned on styling the trousers...with these metallic silver Dr. Martens (yes they are back) for the best or the worst...I am loving them. 


Of course...for all the moms out there who don't get the whole 'grunge' look ..I have the ever so chic and lady-like outfit. Classics never go out of style. These white patent booties (which may just be my next shoe purchase) and coat with ruffle sleeves make for the perfect combination.

xx NOM