balenciaga beanie
Free People over it overalls
Balenciaga beanie, free people overalls
Streetstyle by Lauren Recchia in Balenciaga and Free People
Overalls:  Free People |Beanie: Balenciaga |Turtleneck: J.Crew |Boots: Balenciaga |Lion Ring: Gucci     Dino Petrocelli Photography

Overalls: Free People|Beanie:Balenciaga|Turtleneck:J.Crew|Boots:Balenciaga|Lion Ring:Gucci

Dino Petrocelli Photography

The best way to get over it? Go straight from bed to brunch in these super oversized lounge “Over It” overalls. I cannot begin to explain how comfy they are. As soon as you put them on, it’s like you never even left your bed. The cool and relaxed one piece is perfect for both lounging, and leisuring, and everything in between.

Be comfortable and creative with the this onesie, and style it to your own liking. Opting for an extreme off-duty look, I paired the fleece overalls with a simple white turtleneck, Balenciaga wool blend logo beanie, and moto boots. Shop this look below:

xx NOM