Happy Tuesday everyone,

I am loving the look of scarves these days, rather around the neck, as a belt, around a hat or in the hair, they add a certain je ne sais quoi. This one in particular has an equestrian look to it, the brown tones mixed with the red are so elegant. Originally I was going to wear a red shoe but then decided to pull from the brown so I added my calf hair booties for that unexpected punch. No matter, it's still all about this scarf for me. I went from having it around my neck to tying it around my head and you are probably going to see me wearing this look at least a few times this summer as I play around with this accessory. Today I decided to wear sleek white wide-leg pants and this red and white striped off the shoulder top, another popular look this summer. Just a red belt, my purse, a little jewelry and the look is complete. Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Shop today's look below: