I feel like it has been forever since I published a new post. This past month has been a little crazy for me! I had a minor surgery at the beginning of January, followed by a trip to L.A. and New York City for fashion week. Hectic schedules can sometimes allow us to forget about other obligations, planning, and saving we may have to do. When Supursestyle reached out to me asking to collaborate, they could not have chosen a better time.

With handbag prices at an all-time high, and some forgoing a month’s rent to have the latest and greatest, Supursestyle is an exciting new service that offers an alternative way to participate in experiencing the latest fashion trends. They offer luxury within reach in four easy steps:

1.    Choose the item you love

2.    Receive it in the mail

3.    Rock it

4.    Return it

Once in a while you may see me splurge on a new handbag, but to be honest I am more of a shoe girl. When you have the opportunity to rock designer bags such as Céline, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga etc. at a fraction of the retail price, why would you NOT?!

For the most part, I know what I want. What I mean is…when I really LOVE a pair of shoes or bag I know. I don’t go back and forth or change my mind. However, if you are the kind of person who can change your mind on a whim or get tired of something after a short period of time, this is a great service to look into. It is a more economical way to expand your collection.

I do not own a Céline handbag but I have always loved the Nano! Fashion week was literally the best time to take it out, give it a whirl, and see what I thought. I received SO many compliments on my “new” handbag that came in perfect condition. A friend of mine asked me, “When did you buy that bag?” “I love it” ....and so do I!! The black and white mini luggage tote was an amazing choice for the city. The neutral colors and cross-body strap allowed me so many options.

Today’s look is one I wore out the night before fashion week officially began.  Black pants, my new Miu Miu suede feather ankle booties, and a fishnet top by Dries Van Noten were complemented by my new it-girl handbag…and I didn’t save for over a year to have it. This was the best feeling!

Renting handbags is a relatively new concept and it offers instant gratification. Check out www.supursestyle.com . If you want to try out a new handbag, use code: NOM at checkout and receive 15% off. You will not be sorry!!!