Dawn Levy Design traveler vest
winter streetstyle and puffer vest by Dawn Levy and Saint Laurent boots
dawn levy new york
dawn levy traveler vest with pink fur
all smiles in Dawn Levy New York

The prevalence of puffer coats has marked a new phase for outerwear the last few years..and one that does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With functionality reigning as a top priority, women everywhere (myself included) are always looking for new outerwear collections that fall somewhere between the lines of versatility, fashion, and fun. 

With that being said….I introduce to you Dawn Levy Design

I first came across the line a little over a year ago on various social channels and have admired it ever since. It achieves what every fashion-forward woman seeks- sophistication, modern femininity, and timeless luxury pieces that work with every woman’s wardrobe. From transitional toppers to ultra-cozy styles, every single piece makes for a cold-weather wardrobe staple. 

The “Traveler” vest, which is what I have on today is something I have been living in since the moment I got my hands on it. Not only is it absolutely adorable, it is also extremely warm. I have to say, what I love most about it is that it is an everyday fall/winter piece, but also a piece that is glamorous at the same time. It has no restrictions. You can wear it with everything. Available in a multitude of colors…the Traveler vest is perfect for the woman on the go and would make for a perfect gift this holiday season. 

xx NOM