Lauren Recchia wearing Givenchy, Le Superbe California, Gucci socks, Balenciaga boots, and Saint Laurent sunglasses
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Lauren Recchia nyc streetstyle blogger in Givenchy sweatshirt, Le Superbe sequin skirt, and Balenciaga boots
New York City fashion and streetstyle by Lauren Recchia in Givenchy, Le Superbe, Balenciaga, and Gucci

You may have seen me on Instagram a month or so ago wearing this skirt at an engagement party for one of my best friends from college. Although I dressed it up a little for the occasion, I knew right away I couldn’t wait to style it down. Fast forward to today and I am showing you how you can take this skirt from chic to street by simply swapping out a few key pieces.

Nothing is more satisfying than investing in an item that you can wear on more than one occasion and the laid-back glitz of this skirt allows for just that. The shimmering number can easily be dressed up, but what about when it comes to dressing items like this down?

Here is my advice:

 1. first and foremost, if you are really going for an off-duty street look, ditch the heels. Opt for a cool sneaker or combat boot.

 I originally had it in my head from the beginning that I was 100% going to wear this with my white LV Archlight’s. At the end of the day, I ended up loving the combat boot and sock combo way more.

2. Choose a graphic tee and/or sweatshirt.

They instantly make any outfit cooler, especially when paired with something unexpected. Plus, we all have them.

3. The little things to think about. Half-tuck? Socks scrunched down? Jewelry?

 I love adding high fashion elements to low-key styles in a way that feels refreshing. These are the things that make getting dressed fun.

I hope you love this look as much as I do. You can shop below:

 (Many of the links below don’t have images, but trust me, you will definitely want to click through them. This skirt comes in a ton of different patterns. Did I mention a dress as well?!)

xx NOM

I went through some of my favorite sites and found similar sequin style skirts under $100 (except 1 of them!)