graphic tee, sporty style track pants, and Manolo Blahnik boots
starter black label bomber jacket paired with a 2nd day tee and trousers with contrasting side stripes
Tee: 2nd Day | Bomber:Starter| Pants:Zara|Booties: Manolo Blahnik     Dino Petrocelli Photography

Tee:2nd Day| Bomber:Starter| Pants:Zara|Booties:Manolo Blahnik

Dino Petrocelli Photography

Because we are always evolving, we want to see what we have not seen before. Lately, I have become obsessed with so many Danish/Scandinavian fashion brands (Some I have access to, while others I do not) I am constantly finding the most unique pieces both online and through my social media channels.  

Recently, you may have seen me wearing a lot by 2NDDAY.

The label puts a creative, mix and match twist on dressing… combining both clean silhouettes and ‘grungy elegance’, which couldn’t be more my style. This 2nd Lover top in particular is classic me and nails the basic white tee.

I am sure you know that the ‘sporty’ style is back and these pants are so on trend. The loose-fitting trousers with contrasting side stripes are the perfect combination of street chic and the in-demand track pants…tailored, yet also loose and luxurious.  

What more could you ask for :-)

xx NOM