Milly Bikini     T     op  //   Bottoms

Milly Bikini Top// Bottoms


As many of you may already know, every year I go to Aruba with my family. We always discuss traveling somewhere new, but always end up back at the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino. The reason being?

1.The weather is always nice. Even on the bad days, you can count on the clouds and rain clearing out and sun rays coming in. It is truly a tropical paradise. If you decide to go, prepare to leave with quite the tan… (don’t forget your sunscreen though) the sun is HOT.

2. The food is soo good. Not only just at the resort, but all over the island.  

3. Everyone is extremely friendly. After all, it is ONE HAPPY ISLAND

The night we arrived happened to be the night of the Superbowl. The resort had the game displayed on a big screen right on the beach along with VIP seating and dinner arrangements.

How awesome was the setup?!

I am not the biggest football fan, but I was rooting for the Patriots…still can’t believe they didn’t win. 

Eric Javits  Hat

Eric Javits Hat

White Smocked    Bikini

White Smocked Bikini

Katya Dobryakova Jumpsuit

Katya Dobryakova Jumpsuit

One of my favorite things about Aruba is the water. I am so obsessed with the ocean and the clear aqua color is just gorgeous.  I could spend an entire day just floating and basking in the sun….(well, I guess I did do that)  

Aruba offers vast white-sand beaches and is known to be home to some of the nicest beaches in the world with spectacular Caribbean views. The tangerine sunsets are absolutely gorgeous...especially when you are dining barefoot on the beach. We tend to eat dinner on the later side, so I enjoyed most sunset views from the balcony while getting ready. Not so bad right?!

I had thought about getting together with a photographer while I was away, but decided I was just going to play it by ear instead. I like mixing both professional photos and more natural/daily photos on my feed. With that being said, I owe a huge thank you to my family!! They took all of my outfit shots...and dealt with me harassing them until I was satisfied (Love you guys!!)  The images from the trip are from both the IPhone and camera. 

Solid and Striped Bikini  Top /  Bottoms  |  Hat by  Bits & Pieces

Solid and Striped Bikini Top/ Bottoms |  Hat by Bits & Pieces

AMUR  Top //Skirt ( Available in black )

AMUR Top//Skirt (Available in black)

Norma Kamali  Top // Shorts |BaubleBar  Earrings

Norma Kamali Top//Shorts|BaubleBar Earrings


The ocean front resort offers deluxe amenities, a beautiful Palm Beach setting, and an array of dining experiences.  Two of my favorites happen to be located directly next to each other. The fitness center, which is open 24 hours was recently redone and offers a beautiful two floor gym. It makes working out that much easier because it overlooks the beautiful adult-only pool. Time flies by.

The pool, which is designed with palm-trees and private cabanas is so luxurious. It is one of my favorite spots to shoot photos, especially at sunset. 

Misa  Dress / Baublebar  Earrings / Christian Louboutin Pumps (older)

Misa Dress/ Baublebar Earrings/ Christian Louboutin Pumps (older)

Triangl  Bikini

Triangl Bikini

Triangl  Bikini/Celine Sunnies ( similar )

Triangl Bikini/Celine Sunnies (similar)

Fuel up for the day with strong coffee and sweet treats at the Starbucks located in the lobby…or…make your getaway more enchanting with fresh gelato.

Fendi Sports  Bra //  Sunnies

Fendi Sports Bra// Sunnies

Beyond Yoga Sports  Bra //  Leggings

Beyond Yoga Sports Bra// Leggings

Photo Feb 20, 1 12 20 PM.jpg

..I went for enchanting this day.

Was headed to the gym, but didn’t quite make it there…


.....One of the highlight's of my trip this year came at the end of the week...


Flamingo beach, which has become an Instagram phenomenon is the perfect escape from reality. The sun, sand, and flamingos make this postcard scene come to life. It is located on an island exclusive for the Renaissance resort, but I had the amazing opportunity to go this year, along with my sister. The island features Aruba’s only private beaches and is just a boat ride away. 

When arriving on the magical little island, you are surrounded by turquoise water, palm trees, hammocks, and pretty much everything your wildest Caribbean dreams are made of.    


When I first laid eyes on the pretty pink birds…I just wanted to hug them!! They were perfect. As I got closer, and really looked at them I realized how unique they are. Besides the obvious coloring of them, I noticed that their eyes are on the side of their head and look like little swirls,  and the necks bend and stretch in waves... like a slinky almost. 


There was a vending machine that sells food for the flamingos, which made it a little easier to get their attention. We watched them, fed them, took a million photos and videos of them, and talked to them…(lol)

When I was feeding one, it grabbed my finger instead of the food! It didn’t hurt at all (it felt like rubber)…but I still screamed. You can see it on Instagram in my Aruba highlights.


Because it was our last day in the sun, we only went for a few hours instead of the entire day. Next time around, I have my eyes set on those private cabanas over the water. The one on the end has my name written all over it, with a swing and slide.

Banana Bikini  (Get notified when back in stock)

Banana Bikini (Get notified when back in stock)


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 Until next time,

xx NOM