Louis Vuitton sneakers and balenciaga socks
Top: Vetements | Dress:BCBG (older)|Sneakers:Louis Vuitton|Socks: Balenciaga     Dino Petrocelli Photography

Top:Vetements| Dress:BCBG (older)|Sneakers:Louis Vuitton|Socks:Balenciaga

Dino Petrocelli Photography

As we all know, pretty much anything that gets dubbed ‘effortless’ takes at least a little bit of work. Even though it isn’t as simple as rolling straight out of bed, there are certain things you can do to make it look like….
well, that you didn’t try.

I like to approach off-duty style with a grunge glam appeal. Although I have full hair and makeup, this look features a simple and soft cotton-jersey turtleneck. It is oversized (my favorite), unexpected, and cool enough to wear just about anywhere. The Vetements embroidered logo and extra-long sleeves give it that extra little touch. Layered under a leather dress dresses it up the tiniest bit, but the sneakers and socks infuse it with an extra dose of cool. 

xx NOM